UL Revision Means Fewer Labels

UL Revision Means Fewer Labels

in May 20, 2024

A recent revision by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) will soon mean fewer labels on some signs.

It’s good news for Sign Fab and other manufacturers of LED-illuminated channel letters who are now required to place just one label on the power source of most remote signs instead of individual labels previously required for each letter.

For sign retailers and customers, fewer labels will mean selling and purchasing products with a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look. Depending on state and local building codes, it can also mean a more streamlined approval process.

The change was announced in late December, when UL published its new version of UL 48, a standard all electronic signs are required to meet in the U.S. Under UL’s new wording, the definition of “Section Sign” was changed to exclude subassemblies, like LED channel letters or other parts that use low-voltage wiring (specifically, Class 2 Wiring). As a result, instead of requiring a “UL Sign Section Label” for each channel letter, UL now requires a single “UL Electronic Sign” label for the box or other casing that houses the power supply.

The change will only affect remote-mounted signs. Signs that currently house their own power supplies, such as cabinet or raceway-mounted signs, currently carry the “UL Electronic Sign” label.

Sign Fab will begin phasing in the new standard May 27.

A UL® certified label is your assurance of product safety. While UL® solutions standards now require one label on certified channel letter signs instead of labels on each letter, that assurance hasn’t changed.

Getting the Word Out:

You’ll soon see and hear a lot more about the new UL Standard. Sign Fab is undertaking a months-long educational-media campaign to make sure retailers, customers, state officials and municipal building-code enforcement entities are aware of the changes.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us and ask!