Big NEWS about SMALL Signs!

Big NEWS about SMALL Signs!

in Apr 23, 2024

We want to introduce our new line of miniature channel letters called WoWee!™.

This new product line is highly customizable, creates a 3D version of nearly any font with body styles and acrylic faces available in variety of colors.

Both the sides and faces or each letter or paintable, and state-of-the-art miniature LEDs provide front, back and edge-lit options. They can also be incorporated into other types of signs, like blade signs, or placed on backers. Your possibilities are LIMITLESS.

Though they may be small, WoWee!™ letters are built to last, with signs available for indoor or outdoor use. All WoWee!™ products come with a 3-year product warranty on materials, and WoWee!™ signs are UL listed, meeting the same requirements for quality and safety as their full-scale counterparts.

As with ALL Sign Fab products, WoWee!™ letters are proudly made in the USA, have excellent quality, great pricing and service, and short lead times.

With letters and logos ranging from a mere 2-to-10 inches in height and strokes as narrow as ½ inch, WoWee!™ Is among the most compact professional signage options on the market and, with prices starting at $50 per letter and a $250 minimum order, one of the most affordable.

Options available are Front/Back Lit, Side Lit, Trimless, Reverse Channel, Direct Wall Mount, Panel Mount and Interior.
🗸 Made in the USA
🗸 UL Listed
🗸 5 day Lead Time
🗸 3-5 Day Shipping
🗸 2″ to 10″ Letter Height
🗸 Very Economical
🗸 LED Lit
🗸 1/2″ Strokes

UL® Standards Are Changing!
Just in time for WoWee!’s release, the UL® standards are changing which means we no longer have to label each separate letter with bulky labels, making your signs more aesthetically pleasing.

A UL® certified label is your assurance of product safety. While UL® solutions standards now require one label on certified channel letter signs instead of labels on each letter, that assurance hasn’t changed. In fact, these improved standards mean:

  • Less room for errors
  • Less paperwork for manufacturers
  • Streamlined compliance with building codes
  • A more aesthetically pleasing look

WoWee! joins our company’s longstanding product lines, including channel letters, contour-channel, reverse-channel, self-contained, front/backlit, and cabinet signs, along with printed products and custom logos. More information about WoWee!™ is available on the SIGN FAB website at

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us and ask! We can’t wait to explore the possibilities of this new product line with everyone.