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    Photo of RockBox channel letter sign

    Channel Letters are currently the most common choice for business signage. We offer a variety of channel letter products, typestyles, and custom logos on a wholesale level. Our accessories offer diversity, and provide your customer with a wide range of options.

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    Photo of 3Bay BBQ custom logo sign

    Custom logo signs can be manufactured to any shape, including standard shapes, symbols and business logos. Some options include: Contour Channel, Logo Box, Channel letters with vinyl border or reverse, Logos, Day-Night Striping.

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    Photo of The Wonder Nook contour channel sign

    A contour channel is very similar to a standard channel letter sign, the difference is the letters of the sign are all connected to form one sign instead of separate letters. Contour signs can be made to any shape, including standard shapes, symbols and  logos.

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    Photo of Security reverse channel sign

    These letters are LED illuminated, providing a backlit halo effect. LED Reverse letters feature an aluminum face and return, but a clear polycarbonate back allowing the light to create a halo effect around the letters or logos.

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    Photo of Lindsey's Salon front/back lit sign

    Front & Back Lit letters are a combination of regular channel letters and reverse channel letters; these special products glow through the front and still give the nice halo effect on the back.

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    Photo of Allure illuminated channel letter sign

    Self-Contained Letters are ideal for large channel letter projects generally between 3′ and 10′. Each letter is assembled with the power supplies mounted to the inside back of the letters.

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    Photo of Legacy Sports Bar non-illuminated cabinet sign

    Traditional box type sign made up of a face and back or two faces, with designs ranging from simple plastic faces to metal faces with push-thru letters. They can be internally lit, externally lit or non-lit.

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    We manufacture a variety of custom signs made to your specifications!

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