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    Policies / Warranty

    This page spells out exactly what we expect from our customers and what our customers can expect from us.


    Prices are quoted based on current market value of materials contained.  Our pricing is reviewed periodically so that we may provide you with the most competitive price possible.  Project quotes are effective for 30 days from date on quotation.  It is recommended that you have your project requoted if it expires.  Quoted price may be subject to change if final artwork is different than quoted artwork. Quoted prices are not guaranteed past the quote expiration date.


    Design/Edit Software: Omega, Artpath, Enroute, Logixx, Wasatch, CorelDraw, CorelPhoto, Adobe, OCR Vector,  LEDWizard.  These programs provide us the graphic ability to edit or design your project with ease.  We are most compatible with these vector graphic extensions:  Adobe Illustrator .ai,  Encapsulated Post Script .eps, Omega .plt, and Corel .cdr.  Vector art that is not “Clean” or production ready must be cleaned and modified prior to production. (Artwork must not have any unnecessary control points and must have smooth edges to be considered “Clean”.)  Artwork that needs modifications to be production ready will be adjusted and sent to customers for final approval.  We charge for projects that take longer than one hour to finalize the artwork.  An additional charge of $40 per hour will be accessed for time beyond the one hour included in your proposal.  Most projects do not exceed one hour for artwork modifications.  Pixel formats (such as .jpg, and .bmp) usually can be converted to vector art.  There is an additional charge of $40 per hour for vectorizing.  This price is subject to change without notice.


    All remote mounted projects are shipped with installation patterns.  These patterns are built into the cost of every project and do not require an additional charge.  You will receive one pattern per set of letters or logos.  Additional patterns are charged per linear foot.  Call our office for updated pricing.

    Return Policy

    Sign Fab does not accept returns.  All channel letter products are manufactured to customer specifications.  Sign Fab supplies proof drawings for your customers’ final approval.  Products do not begin production until you have reviewed, approved and signed the shop drawing.  Once signature is received the product begins production and cannot be changed without incurring additional cost.  All sales are final and no returns will be accepted.

    Manufacturing Errors

    Sign Fab will correct all products that have production errors.  It is our intent to supply an error-free product.  Problems with colors, sizes, or missing parts should be reported immediately.  These errors will be corrected with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


    Warranty Information – Three Step Process.
    The following steps and procedures must be followed for warranty to be valid.

    Step One – Contact Sign Fab, Inc. immediately regarding damages before any repairs are made to the sign. Sign Fab must give prior written consent and approval for all bills or invoices associated with any defective parts and products.

    Step Two – Detailed information along with photos of issues or damages must be sent via email to [email protected] before Sign Fab can approve any repairs, costs or invoices associated with signs.

    Step Three – Sign Fab, Inc. will contact you promptly and warranty issues will be resolved.

    Before installation, signs need to be carefully inspected for defects. Labor costs and service calls are not covered by warranty. Under special circumstances Sign Fab, Inc. may approve some labor costs. This will be determined after the Three Step process has been followed.

    Our standard LED is PrincipalSloan with 10yr warranty on LED and 5yr warranty on power supplies, other brands used will be warrantied according to manufacturer.

    Our products are warrantied for 5 years to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty is limited to specific component warranties supplied by those manufacturers.

    This warranty is limited to:

    Replacing Defective Products: In order to maintain respective warranty all defective products must be replaced using same types and brands used to manufacture signs. These are only available through Sign Fab or the manufacturer. Contact Sign Fab Customer Service for more details.

    Sign Fab, Inc. Delivery Service: Sign Fab will replace and repair any product damaged upon delivery; note damages on Sign Fab, Inc. delivery ticket.

    Freight/Common Carrier Damages: Please contact Sign Fab, Inc. immediately for joint effort to resolve any problems with freight damages. Save all products and packaging received; without this we cannot assist you in filing claims. If there are damages, you must not use the product until damages have been inspected by Freight Company. Sign Fab, Inc. will not be liable for damages resulting from shipping.

    Parts and Products: Transformers, Power Supplies, LEDs, Acrylic, Trim cap and all parts used to manufacture Sign Fab products are warrantied to the extent of their respective factory warranties. Labor costs arising from these defective parts is not covered under Sign Fab, Inc. warranty.

    Manufacturer/Sellers: Only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of product proved to be defective. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising out of the use, misuse, or the inability to use the product. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use; user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.


    Things to think about before and during the order process:

    • Do I have proper artwork?
    • Is my artwork correctly sized?
    • Do I meet all state, local, and building specifications?
    • Have I verified all colors? (Acrylic face, LED, trim , return, raceway, vinyl, etc.)
    • Do I have the correct number of sets on the order?
    • Did I make my Down Payment? (If applicable)
    • Did I correctly confirm all specifications on the proof drawing? (mounting options, specific brands, etc.)
    • Did I send my approval drawing to Sign Fab?
    • If I need a special date, did I let the order specialist know?

    Fax or email a copy of your quotations and purchase order to (417) 286-3350 or [email protected]

    A Sales Representative will contact you via phone or e-mail to confirm your order.

    The Order Specialist will request artwork, confirm colors, sizes and other details.

    The Accounting Department will prepare an invoice, confirm pricing, and request a down payment if required. The project cannot proceed until your down payment is received.

    Once artwork is received, our Art Department will prepare a shop drawing and email or fax a copy for your approval. Your project will not proceed until a signed and dated copy of the proof drawing is received by our Production Order Specialist. If changes occur, a corrected copy of the proof drawing will be sent for a final signature of approval.

    When final approval is received, production begins; at this time an estimated production date can be provided. If you need a special time frame please let our Transportation Coordinator know as soon as possible.

    When production is completed, our Shipping Coordinator will contact you to set up delivery. If payment is required at time of arrive, our Shipping Coordinator will contact you beforehand with the amount due and your payment options.

    Problems with artwork, colors, sizes and other information will delay the fabrication and deliver of your sign.

    If you have questions or concerns please call or email our customer service manager at [email protected] or call (800)544-6381.

    IMPORTANT! Please make sure all information is correct on your proof drawing prior to signing and dating. This is your opportunity to make changes as needed. Production begins when your signed approval is received.