Custom Signage Care & Maintenance

Custom Signage Care & Maintenance

in Jan 24, 2023

Here at Sign Fab we try very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied. The last thing you want is for your sign to deteriorate in a short period of time after spending time and money designing it. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your sign significantly. Since your sign is the “face” of your business and it is exposed to the elements we are going to explore some tips and tricks for cleaning your outdoors signs and keep them looking professional.

Elements to watch for…

Weather and location are two big factors on the wear and tear of any type of outdoor sign. Moisture, temperature, exposure and the sun all have damaging effects. The lifespan of your sign depends on the location, maintenance, and materials used and that’s why here at Sign Fab we use materials that are resistant to these weather factors. A cleaning and maintenance routine can also help to extend the life of your sign even longer.

Consider these do’s and don’ts when designing an outdoor sign cleaning and care plan.


  • Wash seasonally.
  • If you can reach your sign – clean by hand with soft sponges, lint-free cloths and a mild soap or Detergent. (If your sign has a more stubborn cleaning problem, you can purchase cleaning agents designed specifically for acrylic.)
  • Remove excess parts, such as hardware, frames, and panels, to get the deepest clean.
  • Clean all exterior signs on a regular basis. Schedule a specific cleaning day and stick to it!
  • Do a quick refresher after ice storms, heavy rains, and blowing wind.
  • Always turn off power before cleaning.
  • Use a nozzle sprayer and spray at least a foot away from the sign to avoid impact damage.
  • Pay special attention to crevices and corners where dirt and debris are more likely to collect.
  • Make sure to rinse thoroughly so there will be no soap residue left behind.
  • To help prevent water spots, wipe dry!
  • Check for cracks in the sign face, returns and frame and schedule repairs if needed.
    The first impression of your sign is the first impression of your business, so the appearance of your sign is extremely important.
  • Restore power and make sure all lights are working, properly positioned and illuminating.

Do Not…

  • Do not use power washers above 200psi—high pressure may cause damage.
  • Do not use water above 180 degrees.
  • Do not use any kind of cleaning agent that contains ammonia or harsh chemicals.
  • Do not use glass cleaners or common kitchen grease cleaners on your acrylic signs.
  • Do not use abrasive material like scouring pads, cloths, paper towels or newspapers that can cause the dirt you are wiping off to be ground into the acrylic, causing tiny scratches.
  • Do not use metal cleaning tools, scrapers or rough brushes. Doing so may scratch sign surfaces and finishes.

Different signs require different cleaning techniques but generally a quick wash or rub down can get most dirt off and make your sign look like new again.

Keep your signs looking amazing year-round with these simple cleaning techniques. Little details like keeping your sign up to date and clean will make your business look fresh and new on a regular basis. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-544-6381.

  • It’s great that this article talked that location and weather consideration is important to provide appropriate care for your signage. My best friend told me a couple of days ago that he was hoping to find custom signage to attract customers to their clothing store. He asked if I had any idea what would be the best design approach. Thanks to this instructive signage care article. I’ll tell him it will be much better if they consult a trusted sign fabrication company as they can provide information about their design options.

  • I like that you suggested cleaning the exterior signs regularly and scheduling a specific day to do so. I think doing that will ensure that your custom signs will last for a long time which can be great if you invested in an expensive material and design. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the material is strong and can withstand elements, since it can be damaged easily when it is not maintained well.


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