Discover Sign Fab’s Budget Friendly Products

Discover Sign Fab’s Budget Friendly Products

in Jun 21, 2024

Why now is the time to invest in economically priced signage
“Not this year.”
We’ve all heard or said that phrase, whether sitting in the board room or around the kitchen table.
When economic uncertainty is in the air, a temptation arises to pause, to hold back — to do without until times are better.
It’s like treading water. It might keep you alive short-term — but it also comes with a cost. While your business stands still, others in your industry are leveraging that same uncertainty into opportunities to invest, innovate, and grow.
So, while you’re stuck treading water, the competition makes waves as it speeds toward the shore.
When it comes to signage, the time to invest is now. And that process has been made more cost-effective than ever thanks to a new quartet of budget-friendly products from Sign Fab:

  • Structurally Bonded Letters and Signs;
  • Trimless Channel Letters;
  • Horizon Line Shoebox Signs;
  • WOWee! Brand 3D Channel Letters.

All four product lines are highly visible, durable, and affordable, giving customers the most “bang for their buck” by design.
From large-scale primary signage that announces the presence of a business, school, or organization, to small channel letters detailing products, services, directions, or other messaging, these signs can do the job of their more expensive counterparts — all at a price point that puts them within easy reach.

Here are a few details about each product:

Structurally Bonded Letters and Signs are a cost-effective alternative to welded products. Made of the same all-aluminum construction materials, the process uses a time-tested industrial adhesive known in the aerospace and automotive industries for decades. Structurally bonded letters can be built between 12 and 48 inches in height with a 1-inch stroke limit. Lead times are from 9 to 12 days. So, if you’re in the market for a welded sign, ask about structurally bounded signs to help reduce costs.

Trimless Channel Letters are as versatile as they are budget-friendly. With a modern, sleek, and professional look, these letters are seamless, can be built in almost any size down to a 1-inch stroke, and come with a variety of face and lighting options, including front- and back-lit, or non-illuminated versions. The amount saved depends on their use, as these letters can be mounted on their own or as components in other types of signs.

Horizon Shoebox Signs have the same benefits as standard aluminum box signs but at about half the price. Constructed from durable ACM, they have multiple face, style, and lighting options, including push-through letters. Horizon Line sizes range from 12- to 48-inch heights, and 36- to 96-inch widths with depths from 3 to 8 inches. All signs have a 10-day production time. They’re lightweight, and … yes. You read that right. HALF the price.

WOWee! Brand 3D Channel Letters are unlike any other LED channel letter available anywhere both in size and versatility. These miniature channel letters can be built from 2 to 10 inches in height with a 1/2-inch stroke and can be used in combination with other sign types. With a variety of colors, styles, and lighting options, they are both durable and affordable with a speedy 5-day lead time. These signs are perfect for start-ups, small businesses, and even home-based businesses, which can get started with a professionally made sign for as little as $250.
All illuminated versions of these signs are UL® Listed, and all signs are made in the U.S.A.
To learn more, visit our main page at SIGNFAB.COM and click the SIGN PRODUCTS tab, or call our sales department at (800) 544-6381 and talk with a representative about our Budget Friendly Products today.