What is a Contour Channel?

What is a Contour Channel?

in Nov 21, 2023

If you’re looking to create a custom sign and still get the look of a channel letter, then Contour Channel signs are the way to go. Signs for businesses can be tricky to create, but if done right will save you time and money. This type of sign is more cost effective than a regular channel letters, but it depends on what’s best for your business. Contour signs are great at giving the impression of a custom logo and can create brand familiarity. Typically, contour signs are energy efficient as well, as they consume less power by being able to be fitted with different types of LEDs.

Custom contour signs can be manufactured to any shape, including standard shapes, symbols and business logos. Your possibilities are virtually limitless for Custom Contour Logos. As long as we can fit your illumination of choice in the product, it can be manufactured. If you have bright colors, different shapes and lighting needs this sign type would be your top choice. Imagine it being lit up at night like a beacon for your customers who are in need of your services! If designing for the inside, it will contribute to the atmosphere with its versatility. There are so many design options available for contour channels you would be hard pressed to find a sign type that is better to show off your brand!


A contour channel is very similar to a standard channel letter sign, the difference is the letters of the sign are all connected to form one sign instead of separate letters. If you have a sign that is too small to be a regular channel letter sign, you can make it a contour channel.

Contour Channel Letters


Faces: 3/16” acrylic or lexan CNC cut faces.  Polycarbonate is typically used for large sign faces.

Trim: 3/4” or 1”. Custom fabricated aluminum trim is also available and is standard for large logos. Aluminum trim can be painted to match most color options.

Backs: .050, .063, .080, .090, or .100 aluminum; 3mm, 6mm, single and double-sided PolyMetal™; mounting and electrical holes are CNC cut into the letter back.

Returns: Standard 3” prefinished construction. Welded construction is also available in depths of 2” to 12”.

Lighting: We offer a standard stock of Principal LED modules to fit all product applications which include a 10-year parts, 5-year labor warranty. UL or non-UL listed.

Assembly/Mounting Options: Remote-Preassembled, Remote-Prewired, Remote Self-Contained, Remote-H-Channel, Raceway Mounted, Cabinet Mounted, Aluminum Panel, and Square Tube Grid. Custom mounting options available at request.

Hardware Options: Remote-Nutserts with aluminum studs (1/4”). All remote projects include a full-size mounting pattern. Custom hardware available at request.

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