Why Choose Sign Fab As Your Wholesaler?

Why Choose Sign Fab As Your Wholesaler?

in May 06, 2021

Making custom quality signs is what we do best! We manufacture a variety of custom signs to serve almost every need. Outsourcing to us is a simple and easy way to help with your bottom line by keeping overhead costs low, keeping labor costs low and allowing you to have more budget to spend elsewhere. The signs we manufacture are all made in house with quality materials and have a fast 8-day production time. Since we have our own delivery service that means no waiting on your orders! We also have the space, equipment and manpower necessary to produce high volume while still meeting everyone’s deadlines.

We offer: channel Letters, custom logos, contour channels, reverse channels, front/back lit, self-contained, cabinet signs and digital print.

Signs We Manufacture

BLADE SIGN – A type of projecting sign mounted such that the face of the sign is perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.

CABINET – This type of sign uses a shaped box to encase the sign.  The shape may be as simple as a rectangle or as intricate as you can create.  Cabinets are often double-sided and contain either square tube railing or a false back in the center of the can to illuminate both sides.

CHANNEL LETTER – Channel Letters are currently the number one choice of sign identification for business professionals. These products can be used for internal and external storefronts. We offer a complete range of channel letter products, typestyles, and custom logos. Our channel letter accessories offer you diversity, providing your customer with a wide range of options.

CONTOUR CHANNEL – This is almost like the standard channel letter sign, but the main difference is the letters of the sign are all on one piece of acrylic; the letters or cans are not separated.  Our machines are capable of producing a large variety of contour channel signs.

CUSTOM LOGO – This is constructed from aluminum, has an acrylic face, and is most often in the form of a custom contour logo (the shape of the can follows the shape of the logo).  We can produce almost any custom logo regardless of the shape or size.

PAN FORMED – Panforming is a process in which a sheet of translucent material is laid over the top of a form including letters and logos. The sheet is heated to the specific temperature at which it begins to soften. Using vacuum pressure, the softened sheet is then sucked firmly down over the form. The plastic takes on the shapes of letters and logos as though they were pressed into the surface from behind. When the material cools it regains its regular hard and strong surface.

FLAT CUT – This sign can be a logo or letters. This type of sign is a non-illuminated letter or logo cut from a metal sheet or plate stock that is square tube mounted.

FRONT/BACK LIT – This form of sign can fall under any of the above categories, but also has light shining through the back, similar to a reverse channel sign.  The face is acrylic, and the backs are typically clear polycarbonate.  Two different colors of LEDs can be accomplished by adding a false back – a divider – in the can.

PUSH-THRU – A cabinet or capsule made from aluminum with a routed cut-out that allows for routed acrylic to push through the cut-out.  This allows for a glow right around the pushed through acrylic onto the aluminum surface.

REVERSE CHANNEL – This sign features an aluminum face and return, but a clear polycarbonate back allows the lighting to create a halo effect around the letters or logos.

SELF-CONTAINED – Self-Contained Letters are ideal for large channel letter projects generally between 3′ and 10′. Each letter contains its own transformers and is pre-assembled for easy installation.

Each sign we make is unique and made to customer specifications making everything custom. In conclusion, by partnering with us, you get the advantage of keeping your costs low, guaranteed custom quality products, great service and fast delivery! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 800-544-6381 or email us at [email protected].