The Sign Guide 2024

The Sign Guide 2024

in Jan 25, 2024

Our catalog, The SIGN Guide 2024 is out now! This is our 32nd year in business as Sign Fab! If you are interested in knowing more about our facilities and our business visit our YouTube page.

This year’s catalog is chock full of great information, exciting new opportunities and innovative products!  We’ve got new products, everything we manufacture including types of signs, color selections and specifications and LED information. If you need something to show your customers our capabilities, this is a great resource.

On the first page, you’ll find our contact information as well as our standards of service. You’ll also find a QR code that will help you with Installation Techniques.

On the same spread, we share news of our newest acquisition, Charleston Sign Manufacturing, based in Mississippi, in 2023. This strategic decision brings numerous benefits in the wholesale sign industry. See what products we offer in Charleston here.

Just under that is our Sales Kit. This is a wonderful addition to your sales presentation and it includes a full-size illuminated channel letter that you can order in two colors (Red & White), various trim and acrylic samples, color books to show your customer or keep as a reference for yourself and of course, the Sign Guide.  If you have any questions or would like to order a Sales Kit, call us today at (800) 544-6381 or e-mail us at [email protected]. You can also purchase a kit online through our sister company Encompass More, Inc by clicking here.

After the introduction pages, are fourteen product pages.  These pages feature the specifications, color options and examples of signs. Below is an image of pages 7 and 8 in the catalog.

These pages include:

Standard sizes of acrylic, Trim size, Standard stock of LEDs we use, Suggested aluminum thickness, Return sizes, Assembly options, Color selections and more…

Hardware and mounting options are also listed. Color options at the bottom of the pages refer to the signs on that page or page spread. You won’t find the reverse channel colors on a standard channel letter page. This makes it easier to show some of the most common color options directly to your customers without having to flip through several pages to get to the larger color charts.  You can reference that color on the same page with the same type of sign.

After the main product pages, we have a section dedicated to mounting and electrical options.  This is great for seeing exactly what mounting options we offer, and of course, if you ever have any custom questions that you can’t find an answer to in our catalog, feel free to contact us for more information. We will try our best to match or get the products you want/need.

­­­Next in the catalog are the color pages. These are similar to the color selectors on the product pages, but they only focus on the colors of each type of product: Acrylic Color Options, LED Color Options, Vinyl Color Options, Trim Color Options, Return Color Options, Raceway Color Options, Reverse Channel Colors

Colors we stock, plus additional colors are on these eight pages. You can show your customer a close representation of a color they have in mind by simply flipping through these pages.

Printing processes may cause misrepresentations of color swatches so keep that in mind. These are almost exact representations of the color swatches; however, for actual color references, simply call or e-mail us for a sample. We have a wide variety of colors that are great on most signs and can give you advice on what colors will make your sign pop!

The next sixteen pages are dedicated to our sign products! We have every category of what we offer and examples with descriptions that can be used as inspiration for your next project.

The sign on the right was pulled straight out of the catalog to show what information is provided on each example. We list everything from what type of sign it is, down to the color of the raceways. This is another great way to see how certain colors may look together or figure out what type of sign would best match the project at hand.

 After the sign pages, comes our newest endeavor, the SF Design and Print Division. Our print division offers Vinyl products, Banner Products, Rigid signs – cut or panel, Boxes & POP Up displays and design services.

Our UV printers use patented technology to print ADA, Braille Plaques, Retail, Hotel and Wayfinding. To see our printer in action check out their Social Media.

You can now get your graphics and signage all in one convenient place keeping costs to a minimum. If you are interested, contact us at 800-544-6381 and ask about it!

The next two pages are dedicated to raceway and remote installations and our fabrication limitations. Be sure to check this page out – it has very helpful information on raceway and remote mounting and how they differ. Next, we give examples of how to place seams, faces on large signs and how they may be damaged due to installations and lining up seams on large mounting patterns.

Also included, is information on letter size and stroke width to help with artwork before sending it to us.

The next page is about our Horizon Line Shoebox signs. This page explains how this new line is designed to fit every budget and provide a long-lasting sustainable solution that is more economical with the same Sign Fab quality. These signs have the same benefit as a standard aluminum shoebox with a 10-day production time and come in several options. Just ask one of our sales reps about them or get a FREE QUOTE here.

Next, we have our sister company Encompass More, Inc.’s page. Encompass More, Inc. supplies sign building professionals with proven materials and excellent service. They specialize in sign supplies, sign accessories, adhesives, electrical, fabrication supplies, LED products and more! Check out their website to see what they offer.

Next, we have our shipping, sign glossary and FAQ pages. These pages share information on where we deliver, what happens to damaged shipments, common definitions of some of the most popular terms in the sign industry and answers the most questions we get asked. Of course if you cant find the answer, you can chat with us online, email or call us to get an answer.

The next couple of pages is our sales information which includes more in-depth contact information, our Terms of Sale, artwork specifications, order procedure, and warranty terms. These are excellent to keep around and reference when necessary. 

We hope this catalog is a useful resource to you and your company. We try to provide as much information as we can and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re always a phone call or e-mail away.  We can’t wait to see what this year brings, thank you for your business!