Routed Signs

Routed Signs

in Aug 29, 2022

There are a few signs that don’t get a lot of recognition but are just as effective in communicating what your business is about. Routed backed with plex, routed push thru and our new Horizon line shoebox signs are something we offer that might pique your interest.

Routed backed with Plex

The process of this type of sign is actually pretty simple. The face of the sign is routed (cut) out creating a void which is then backed with acrylic plex. They are then fit with LEDs on the inside per specifications depending on the type of sign it is going to be.


This sign is a self-contained cabinet that is painted to match SW 6229 Tempe Star and backed with white.

New Hudson Facades

This sign is a self-contained cabinet sign that has routed letters backed with white plex. The words are 7328 white plex and logo has digital print applied on front.

Routed Push-Thru

These signs are very similar in the manufacturing process. The flat face of the sign is routed for lettering and graphics. The acrylic however, is pushed through the surface to create a three-dimensional depth. This type looks fantastic when illuminated and they can be used for interior or exterior signs.

Talamore Square

This sign is a self-contained welded blade sign with push thru plex. Different areas of push thru and black perforated vinyl make this sign stand out.

Centennial Bank
This sign is a self-contained cabinet sign with extruded radius ends. It has a routed aluminum face painted PMS 281C with push thru logo and text. The logo is ½” push thru with multiple colors of vinyl and white lettering.

NEW! Upcoming…

Horizon Line Shoebox Sign

Choose from these face options – Acrylic Push-Thru, Flat Cut Letters & Channel Letters

This sign has the same benefits as a standard aluminum shoebox, the difference is that it’s half the price!


• ACM Construction 3mm (.125), Depth – 3”-6”

• Application – Indoor or Outdoor, UL Listed

• Lighting – Principal QwikMod (PLQM2-TW150-P)

• Paint – Sherwin Williams – Custom painted to your color choice Mounting – Nutserts with Aluminum All Thread (1/4” – 3/8”)

To see pricing click here.

All in all, these sign types are very versatile making them great options to choose for your next sign! So, if you’re looking for something a little different than your standard sign, give us a call at 800-544-6381 and we would be glad to help!