Channel Letter Options that Suit Your Business

Channel Letter Options that Suit Your Business

in Oct 05, 2021

Businesses today seek to stand out more than ever before. This is where we come in! We manufacture many different channel letter options and are here to help you choose the right one. Signage is essential in order to be remembered, noticed and recognized. Channel letter signs are our number one choice for business professionals offering a wide range of customization and versatility.

Illuminated – LED Illuminated Channel Letters are energy efficient, low voltage, and low maintenance. The lightweight design of an LED module virtually eliminates breakage. This type of signage provides the opportunity to create savings over a long period of time.

Non-Illuminated –Non-Illuminated Channel Letters are a great way to afford the sign of choice without the added cost of illumination. Illumination can be added at a later date, when it works into your budget.

  • Preformed – A Preformed channel letter is exactly what it sounds like. It’s pre-made plastic that we shape into a letter or logo.
  • Welded – Our welded channel letter provides a good-looking letter. It adds significant strength to our letters and provides a superior appearance.
  • Illuminated Reverse – LED Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters feature an aluminum face and return, but a clear polycarbonate back allowing the light to create a halo effect around the letters or logos.
  • Non-Illuminated Reverse – Non-Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters are typical for both indoor and outdoor installations: Office entries, counter top fronts, monument signs, storefronts and many other applications. Reverse Channel Letters provide your customer with a professional appearance for years to come.
  • Front/Back Lit – Front & Back Lit letters are a combination of regular channel letters and reverse channel letters; these special products glow through the front and still give the nice halo effect on the back. These letters may be illuminated with either one or two colors depending on the desired effect.
  • Self-Contained – Self-Contained Letters are ideal for large channel letter projects generally between 3′ and 10′. Each letter contains its own transformers and is pre-assembled for easy installation.

With so many channel letter options, it can be a daunting task to determine which type is best suited for you or your customer. We can help. Just give us a call at 800-544-6381 or email us and we will guide you in making the best decision.