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Shannon Foree

Walker Companies

GREAT SERVICE! I am a project manager in OKC and having been working with Signfab for over 4 years. I had to post this experience. As usual we get crazy busy in the sign world and sometimes things fall through the cracks- Hate to admit it but it\'s true- even on my end. I had placed my sign project in the hands of Signfab who is a state away from me. Sign was to be delivered on a Friday and when it didn\'t come on Friday, I called Signfab and spoke to Darrin. Darrin knew my sign project but didn\'t know it was to be delivered to me 2 days earlier. And here\'s when you hear something that you hardly ever hear. An Apology! Darrin admitted that they dropped the ball and they would drive it down to me immediately. 4.5 hours later Signfab shows up and hand delivers the sign. We were able to get the sign put up the next morning just in time for open house. Signfab made me look like a hero to my client. But Signfab was my hero. Thanks for stepping up! Shannon Foree Project Manager Walker Companies Oklahoma City, OK