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Contour Channel

LED Illuminated Contour View Exploded Image

Custom contour signs can be manufactured to any shape, including standard shapes, symbols and business logos. Your possibilities are virtually limitless for Custom contour Logos. As long as we can fit your illumination of choice in the product, it can be manufactured.

Faces : 3/16" acrylic or lexan CNC cut faces. Polycarbonate is typically used for large sign faces.

Trim : 3/4" or 1". Custom fabricated aluminum trim is also available and is standard for large logos. Aluminum trim can be painted to match most color options.

Backs : .050, .063, .080, .090, or .125 aluminum mounting and electrical holes are CNC cut into the letter back.

Returns : Standard 5" pre-finished construction. Welded construction is also available in depths of 2" to 12".

Mounting : Remote-Preassembled, Remote-Prewired, Remote-Self-Contained, Remote-H-Channel, Raceway Mounted, Cabinet Mounted, Aluminum Panel, and Square Tube Grid. Custom mounting options available at request.

Lighting : Sign Fab offers a complete line of LED modules to fit product applications.

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