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    Illuminated Reverse Channel

    Illuminated Reverse Channel

    Light creates a halo effect around the letters or logos
    Children's Orchard Academy sign


    LED Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters feature an aluminum face and return, but a clear polycarbonate back allowing the light to create a halo effect around the letters or logos.

    Faces : Precision-routed aluminum .080 is our standard gauge; .090 and .125 aluminum are also used as required by construction and customer specification.

    Trim : Trim not required

    Backs : 3/16″ polycarbonate backs. Mounting and electrical holes are CNC cut into the polycarbonate backs.

    Returns : Standard .063 aluminum return, 3″ depth, welded construction. Other depths range from 1″ to 4″.

    Mounting : Remote-Preassembled, Raceway Mounted, Cabinet Mounted, Square Tube Grid, and Aluminum Panel. Custom mounting options are available at request

    Lighting : Sign Fab offers a complete line of LED modules to fit product applications. We will quote other brands at request. LEDs are installed on the polycarbonate backs facing the inside of the letter cap. UL or non-UL listed.

    Chart depicting reverse channel colors