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Instant Quoter

Posted On: 2017-05-22

The Instant Quoter generates quotes straight from your mobile phone or your computer.


You can show your customers a quote within a matter of minutes! Just log in, type in your information and get your quote. 

The Instant Quoter can generate quotes for a number of different signs such as: Standard Channel, Standard Logos, Standard Capsule/Boxes, Square Tube Rail for mounting logo/boxes/capsule to raceways, vinyl & digital prints, remote or raceway, and LED or no LED signs.


When using the Instant Quoter you will receive a quote instantly after typing in your information. It will ask you a series of questions that you can answer straight from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

All you have to do is sign up by clicking here or download a copy of the Sign Creator App to your mobile device!

To purchase the sign creator for your iPhone you can click here or for your iPad click here or your Android click here.






Before Quoting - Make sure to read the instructions so your sign gets quoted correctly.   Quote your Signs - Type in your sign information 


Raceway Preferences - Select an option for a raceway. If no option is selected it will be quoted as remote. Estimate - Download your quote.