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New Operating System

Posted On: 2014-09-22

Coming up next month we are implementing a new operating system. This means that you will have access to your quotes, artwork, and work in progress and see where your sign is in production once approved. Everything will look slightly different but cleaner and more efficient. The purpose of this new system is to make the ordering process easier and more streamlined so you get your product faster.


Once the system is implemented we will send a link to your email. This link will then connect to our server and ask for a user name and password. Once logged in, a screen with your company name and username on it will appear. From there you can decide what you want to view, whether it’s in Work in Progress, Open orders, All Orders, Estimates or etc.

Viewing Estimates & Work In Progress

If you have any estimates you would like to view just click the estimates tab and see what quotes you have. If you have quotes waiting on approval you can view your quote as well as your artwork and either approve, make changes or cancel the order. It will tell you the estimate job number, the description, what station it's at (Accounting, ect.) the total, the estimate date and who ordered it.

If you click on the quote number it will bring up the quote with the order number, the description, what station it’s at (work order – in progress) the total, if payment has been made, if a balance is due, the order date, sale date, P.O. number and who ordered it. The shipping information will be available such as the method, tracking number, package weight and shipment date as well. Also the artwork will be available to view in pdf format to check the specifications. If everything looks correct you can approve, make changes or cancel the order.

After Approval

You will be able to see where your sign is in production. The basic steps after approval are: Orders received, accounting, graphics, production, and shipping. You can track the progress of your sign entirely through this new system.